Biennale, Movies & Visa + Happy FOUR years



 Happy 4 years! The last four years have been filled with adventures, love and good times.
We have come far (litereally!) with our big move, but also personally and in our relationship.
I feel like I am the luckiest Lady on the planet, being blessed with such a great friend & lover.
I love you so much Dave, and it was amazing to spent the weekend together.

We took some time to celebrate and spend loads of time together.
At home in Sydney. It's Biennale and we saw part of it at the MCA, we had lots' of cuddle time,
saw the latest Wes Anderson movie (which will inspire us for a little while I think)
and we also climbed the harbour bridge! All the way up, we had the best view and we somehow even loved the rain at the climb, it made it so much more adventurous. ( Photos to come! ASAP!)
Regular refueling with delicious snacks and coffees made this weekend one that I will remember.
It's really the only downside of my job, that I am working weekends, while Dave has them off.
But it only makes the rare occasion where I do take a weekend off more special.
We also celebrated my permanent Visa, which came through the other week with a spontaneous Champagne & strawberry sunset picnic.
As the temperatures really dropped over here now we also got a new tea pot and lot's of yummy teas stocked up. I am a little excited about the change in season.

Soupy times, cuddles and a magical book dining time



I do love being busy and I am always so full of new ideas and passion about my work that it's hard for me to sit still. However there are things that I miss in these crazy times, most of all:
Sleep! 2nd: The time to make healthy food, sit down to eat and eat well, 3rd: Time for cuddles and hanging out with my two fav boys in the world  and at last, number 4: Reading!

So I made some things priority no matter how busy everything felt, I bought some fresh flowers, and yummy groceries and cooked at home a few days in a row! Cuddles on the couch followed and also some earlier bed times.
All this was inspired by a brand new amazing healthy food cook book named "my darling, lemon, thyme..." which I found in my goodie bag at a wonderful evening that was all about a completely different book "Sapphire Skies" by Belinda Alexandra.
Through my job I got the last minute opportunity to attend a truly magical night at the Watson's Bay Boutique Hotel hosted by the wonderful Nat from the Eat Read Love blog.
I guess that was really the theme over the last weeks Eat, Read and LOVE.
It was a book launch dinner party, where the author was present and all tables were filled with Sydney's finest creative  talents, from photographers, bloggers, stylist, artists, editors, writers, entrepreneurs in many many fields ....
The photos of the event in this post are actually by the talented Photography By Nadean while all the at home pictures are as usual our own.
This night really inspired me on so many levels, and also showed me once again how important it is to make room to get together with great people.
While I haven't actually had the chance yet to start the book, (I will save it for times of travel and holiday!) I made time for some other important things and returned full of energy back to work with my wonderful clients.
Dave is filled with exciting new ideas too, which we will keep secret for a little while.
So it's all exciting times over here. The weather is still amazing while the evenings and mornings are getting cooler, which feels so refreshing.

Dalston our little man is still very busy loosing his teeth and cutting new ones while puberty hit him, being a little more cheeky, moody and demanding than usual, but then he just looks at us with his big brown eyes and little button nose, and he is learning new tricks all the time and we could never be angry at this little fluff-ball. He made our life so much better and we are so happy to have him.

Family time & Wildlife



Main wedding season did not allow for much blogging during the last few weeks, and I couldn't wait to find some time to finally fill you in and take the time to update our little blog.

We had my Mum & her husband visiting from Germany, while trying to show them around, in between work it was more challenging then we thought, however we had a wonderful few days on the south coast together with Dave's parents, a day in the Aquarium and the best night in the Sydney Opera House hearing the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. We had some nights of laughter, lot's of BBQ's and beach time, and were so lucky with the beautiful sunshine. I don't want Summer to stop, although I love the cooler evenings and mornings lately as well.

Little Dalston is growing so fast and is currently cutting teeth, which makes him reasonably confused and moody at times but 90% of the time he is the happiest chap, learning new tricks and being a clown. We are so lucky to have him, there is truly nothing like puppy cuddles after a long day of work.
He had a close encounter with a very dangerous spider, which sat on his head one night!
Luckily he didn't get bitten, as he would have probably not survived it!
On this trip we had 3 dangerous spiders, one snake, mosquito's everywhere (but we had the ParaKito bands with us, as you can see on my ankle , which held up well!) and a Kangaroo in the front yard, one day even the water was covered in Blue Bottles too, they are a stinging animal similar to yelly fish that lives in the Ocean.: Australian wild life as it's best. All within a couple of days.

I am now a little scared of being outside the city with Dalston, he is so small, a snake or spider bite can really be life threatening for him.
Hopefully he has a good puppy guardian angel looking out for him and we will be extra cautious from now on.

On our little trip Dave built him a mini beach hut, from a towel and sticks, he loved that place so much he spent every afternoon in there, while the sun was out.
We are back at home and into our routines now, but I have to say the start of this year has been pretty hectic and super fast, I feel someone is fast forwarding this one?
Do you feel the same?

First swim & Bionade Popsicles



This summer got hot hot hot!
The perfect day for Dalston's first swim!
He did really well. And it was the cutest to see him practice his first doggie paddles at the beach.

Days like this are for popsicles and the beach!
We put our Christmas presi pop maker to work when I discovered that Bionade my favourite German organic drink from back home, is now available in Australia.
We made some "pure" Bionade pops and some with frozen yoghurt inside!
They all happen to create those BIG smiles on our faces. What a happy day!

Bionade is a German organic soft drink, with very little sugar but lot's of good ingredients.
It's low in sugar, is free from preservatives, colourants and artificial flavours, is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is gluten free! It contains plenty of good stuff like calcium and magnesium and is without the bad ones; it’s low in sodium and phosphorous free.
It's brewed like beer but non-alcoholic.
You all know by now I am a bit of a hippy and eat mainly organic, vegetarian food, so this is right up my alley.

It's very popular in Berlin and really reminds me of a great Summers over there.
I was drinking Bionade all the time, it's amazing for the warm season.
I had no idea that this small little brewery is now selling internationally;
Happy days! It has a cute little story too that I always liked.
I have never been  fan of super sweet and sticky soft drinks, so this was made for me.
Luckily they supplied us with different flavors so we won't get bored. My favourite is "Holunder" flavor, which is German for "Elderberry" . We are now both slightly addicted.

And back to the beach...
I am thinking of starting up paddle boarding, which would be great for Dalston too now that he can swim. I love summer!

Here is to 30 a little beachy garden party



I just started a new chapter in my life: I am 30!
We celebrated in sunshine by the beach with yummy picnic and had the most wonderful weather.
I felt a little emotional about being so far from all my friends overseas on such a special day, which completely took me by surprise. I was so busy leading up to the day, that on the morning while singing and dancing and unwrapping presents at home, all of a sudden there was this little sadness coming up. Yes, you are all missed, my lovely friends in Berlin, London & NYC!!!
And you all made my day with messages, calls and even snail post cards.

I celebrated here in Sydney with lovely new friends & family and we had such a good time.
30 feels amazing so far. The day was filled with Champagne & Cheesecake celebrations.
And I am still amazed to have my birthday in Summer.

I have never been so fit, I can finally run! And have been keeping up to do so.
Life feels just like it is getting better and better each year.
Maybe I learn to be happier each year...I guess that's the beauty of growing older.

Dalston had a good time as well, playing little sausage dog puppy Coco.
And he was a fan of the music and kept sitting right next to the speaker for most of the day.
DJ Dalston.
And I got spoiled from everyone! A lot!

I know this is going to be a great year and I am so excited for all upcoming adventures.
And especially grateful, for everyone that came and celebrated, for my health, for my amazing man, for being so lucky and having puppy Dalston, for Summer, for the beach for so many great work opportunities, for fresh fruit and yummy coffees and for everything else I forgot to mention.
Also I am grateful for all of YOU wonderful readers, to follow us around no matter where we are going.
It means a lot to us to have you here. Thank you everyone!

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